Flower Delivery in Rethymno, Crete.

Fast Delivery

Contact us at least 5 hours in advance and have your order delivered in the same day.

Boutique Flowers

Quality, fresh flowers sourced from Holland, merged with our unique, minimalistic craftsmanship.

Easy Payments

We are constantly revising our payment methods in order to help you avoid currency conversion fees

How we do things

This is our flower-delivery ordering process, designed to efficient and pain-free.


You send an order request

You can send an order request from our form bellow.
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Order Processing

In this phase we will check your order, calculate shipping costs and check availability. You will receive a confirmation email in 30mins-2hours

Working hours: Monday to Sunday, 9a.m.-10p.m., Athens Time.




We may exchange a few emails back and forth, to ensure that we have everything we need to send your order. After that, we’ll send you a link to pay via card or bank transfer (For same-day delivery, we only accept card payments).


We will call the recipient to schedule a delivery time. We won’t share any information about you. All information you provided to us is absolutely confidential. You will receive a final email from us about the delivery.


YourOrder Request

Order Request

We need to call the recipient and verify that they can or want to receive the order. We cant make surprise deliveries...
Preferred flowers, colors etc.
Minimum order budget must be above 25€. To find out our free shipping zones, visit the 'Service Area' link, located under 'Flower Delivery' in our navigation menu.